The Supply Order

More office quirks ……. for your reading pleasure.

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This article is based on an actual incident.

To: – Our printer cartridge has died. Could we please order a new one? The number is JS334455.

To: – I’ve never heard of that number? Is it generic? What kind of printer do you have?

To: – It is a Lexmark W828. The cartridges are in the supply catalog.

To: – The first number you sent me was the printer’s inventory number. That’s another department. If you need something out of our catalog, you will need to fill out the supply warehouse online order form and submit it.

To: – What order form? Where is it?

To: – It is located on the website under Supply Warehouse. Do you even have an account? If you do not have an account with us, you will have to set up an account and get an authorization code before…

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